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Procter & Gamble SCSC Annual Offsite 2007 – 28 July 07

Ha Ha, this was supposed to blog it last year but i drag it till now. Going to be a year le. All these photos and videos bring back a lot of good memories whenever i see them. I enjoy the company of this group of my my colleagues, even though i have left the co but i will go back to visit them quite often

There were 2 competitions for this event, one was the game which was held in the afternoon, and the other was the night performance. I did not attend the afternoon competition as i just had my hand surgery and i need to get myself ready for the night competition. I will not elaborate more on the afternoon event, i will just post out some photos. All the teams must solve all the mystery in order to go to every specific location to finish up the food.

Our team consisting of Hong Kong and Taiwan Dept

Jesper: I know where is the location. Follow me!

Other Teams:

Our Team:

The most terrible food

Last Event - Soccer Match

This match was very important to us as it will determine who will we be the final winner of the games competition.

Our team Goal Keeper - Jesper. Heard that he had saved a lot of goals from our oppositions

Gary was our striker he was the one who have kicked the victory goal for our team

Goal! Goal!

We are the winner

Video Clip


We have spent a lot of time preparing for the performance. Stayed back in the office and went to boss's house to practice. Prepared brochures for your performance. But we felt that all our hardwork was worth it as our team has maintained a closer relationship and enjoyed ourselves throughtout the event. There are some people that i need to show my appreciation to and they are:

1) Karen (Darling), Xiu Juan and Meiyun
2) Xu Wen (the music was done by him)
3) Xiu Zhen and Teacher Ang


When we see a slimming or facial treatment on a magazine or advertisement, there will always have a BEFORE and AFTER photo of a person. So i will use this style to introduce my colleagues who had took part in the performance. I find them look very pretty with opera make up

Before & After

Lily (our boss) as the grandmother

Jeannie (our team leader) as the eldest son

Agnes as the eldest son's wife

Nancy as the 2nd son

Esther as the 1st Missy

Adeline as the youngest son

Karen as the 2nd Missy

Vivian as the granddaughter

Verniz as the grandson

Processing of the Make up

I was very impressed with Kare, Xiu Juan and Meiyun as they have planeed their work very professional. Karen was in charge of the make up, Xiu Juan doing the hair-do and Meiyun applying the foundation, helping them to dress up and other tasks. They managed to complete everything in about 2 1/2 hours. That was terrified as normally it would take a person at least 45 mins to complete everythng. Good job for the 3 of them.

Make up Department

Darling, i have managed to find a photo which has your front view. Hee Hee

Esther was the first one to start on the make up

So, what were the rest doing while waiting for their turn to make up

Posing for Photos:

In order to prevent them from sitting there doing nothing and acting those cute pose (Hee Hee), some of them were asked to go for hair-do or wear costumes first. But in the end, i think it has turned out quite scary.

Hmm, do you they look like Ghos....................

Hair-do Department

I am very grateful with Xj as she has lend my colleagues her wig, hair pieces and other hair accessories. Not many people are as generous as her as they are not cheap.

Bao Sua Bao Hai Department

Our Judges:

Our Performance

弟弟, 我們已經不小了, 該去找個對象結婚生子了


奶奶, 走快點. 我們要去買糖果

太好了, 看到他們雙雙對對, 我也放心了

你看我有好玩的遊戲, 不給你玩

我也要, 快點給我


快還給我, 那個東西是我的

太好了! 我是勝利者

娘子, 你看這裡的風景多美

相公, 你看我的頭髮美嗎? 這是我特地请一位美髮師幫我而弄的

娘子,你要為我生一個白白胖胖的寶寶, 最好是雙包胎

弟弟, 那邊有人在表演, 我們快點去看

Video Clip

End of Performance

Gary(left), Serene(centre) and Jesper(right) were unable to join as Gary needs to prepare for his exam, Serene was on sick leave and Jesper had just joined our department. Our performance managed to get the 2nd prize and other than that we still won some other prizes.

First prize for the afternoon games competition

Second prize for the night performance

Karen won the Bingo Games, $200 voucher

Jeannie won the Miss SK2, think it is a pair of earrings

Cheers for our victory!

Korea Department was the Winner of the Day

Video Clip

There are 2 teams which are the second runner-up

(Sorry,no video clip for these 2 teams)

Japan Department

Finance Department

Other Department Photos

Our Lead Team

They are the one who had organised the whole event

Hong Kong

Video Clip

Other Photos

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