Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gathering 28th Mar 08

I have a dinner with my friends from my ex company yesterday. We went to "The Pizza House" at Robinson for some food, then decided to go the "Starbucks" for some drinks. We have talked a lot on work, giving birth, boyfriends, wedding, feelings on the first day start work, etc...We have enjoyed the talk till we have forgotten that it was already midnight and realised there would be no mrt at this hour. We quickly rushed to the mrt station and found out there was only 1 last train to Pasir Ris so i was very lucky that i am staying in Tampines while the rest have to catch a cab which would be charged for mightnight charges.

Verniz and Esther

Serene and Karen

Karen, Me and Verniz

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dance Performance - 8th Mar 08

Last Saturday, we had our dance performance at Tampines East CC. It was performed by kh members, dancers and kids. I was supposed to take part in the sword dance but later due to health problems, i had to let go. Luckily Xiu Juan helped to replace me, else the dance will be short of one person. Poor Xj, she had only practised for 2 times (if i not wrong) and was made to perform on stage. But i really need to thank her for the help. Although i did not get to watch all the shows as i went off before the half time of the show, i think everyone have did a very good job and they deserve 3 cheers as they have really performed at their very best on the stage. Keep it up!

They will have another performance on this Saturday at Boon Lay CC, anyone interested can go and support them. Jia You!

On The Stage

Sword Ladies

The below 3 photos were taken by Karen by 3 different angles

Bottom Angle

Upper Angle

Centre Angle

This photo was taken by karen herself

Who was blocking us

Its me! Bai Bi Quan

Si Min: You have to finish this packet of rice, or else you cannot go back home.
Yan Ni: Yes Madame

Mei Yun: In order to master the above skills, you have to learn 3 steps

First Step

Second Step

Third Step

Xiu Juan: Hee Hee, all those Mei Yun's steps i have known long ago le and i think mine more expert than her lor. You all dun believe, can see below photos

You see! I even can do lie down exercise

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

歌仔戲 (Part 2)

Hope the below shows will bring some memories to you all. Enjoy!








歌仔戲 (Part 1)







Recently i am on leave from Kh so no news or photo to update so i just put up some videos for you all to watch. Enjoy!

I like to hear this song