Monday, May 12, 2008

Pre-show talk at Esplanade Library - 11th May 08

There was a Pre-show talk at the Esplanade Library yesterday at 1-3pm. The response of the talk was not bad, quite of a few of the audiences who have watched the Esplanade show had come to support. Before we reached there, Karen, Xiujuan and I went to have our lunch at Popeye, Singapore Flyer, we took some photos there. Xiu Juan said she did not apply make up so her eyes will look tired and ugly so Karen suggested her to put on her sunglasses to cover it.

Esplanade Library

Left to Right: 许美铃, 许丽坤, 林显源, 張珊蘭

Left to Right: 蓝海滨, 沈秀珍, 郑娅铃, 杨月霞


shanice said...

My Yaling Jie is so cool!!!!! She's MINE.. you don't snatch huh..

Anonymous said...

wa lieu ~!!

Anonymous said...

you very greedy ley. First you wan Wu Zun, now wan Yaling Jie and at the sametime wan "mo mo ren",how many ppl you wan huh? :-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah greedy!


Anonymous said...

oh yah, forgot to add on another person,that is our Xiang Gong. Wat a greedy gal!