Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Celebrations at Kh 2007

All these photos were taken when we have our celebrations at kh, forgotten what were the celebrations for? So just enjoy the photos ba :-)

Karen and Xiu Juan helping to vacuum the floor

My dearest darling, how will you be able to see the dirt on the floor
when you are wearing sunglasses. :-)

Mei Yun, the delivery boy

鳳姐 and 子良 are so hardworking, still reading the script at this event

Our Kh Babies

Guess who are the 4 people standing behind the food

Its us!

The food that we dislike the most - Durian and this Bi Quan always like to buy it to kh

The Cool Man

Xiu Juan, you are really born to be a maid. Hee Hee

Our Troupe leader - 秀珍



Babies Photo Taking Time

貞妮 和月愛

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