Thursday, January 3, 2008

Photo Taking For Dancing - 01 Jan 08

Last Sunday, we have a photo taking for dancing. Managed to take a few of them. These shows will be performed on next year March. Anybody interested can tell me, i can help to arrange the tickets.

白蛇 - 秀娟

靑蛇 - 月愛

Can you guess who was the one lying on the floor?

Still cannot see properly right? Ok, let me post up more photos for you all to guess

These photos can see the side view of this person. Can guess who was this person le mah?

Ha Ha, it is our Yan Ni. She is acting the 許仙

鶴 - 美雲

老 翁 - 阿花




Can see that they are very tired after taking so many photos. See, they are having fun now

悠游 - 紅丹, 淑霞

紅綢飛舞 - 月愛, 秀娟

Our Dancing instructor 華紅老師

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