Monday, January 14, 2008

Karen's Birthday Party - 11 Jan 08

Our dear Karen invited us to her Birthday Party at Party World. Our Birthday Gal was so pretty on that day

Hong Dan was the first one to reach, she thought that we are going to be very late so she went to order 1 chesse cake and 1 plate of dry Hor Fun. But before she has finished her chesse cake, Karen, Mulan and i have arrived

Mulan was helping her to finish up the food so that we could go to warm up our voice before the rest come. Hee Hee

Best Singers Of the Night


Mei Yun

Ai Bi

Xiao Mei

Ah Po


Teacher Zhuang

Cutting Birthday Cake Time

See! Our Birthday Gal was so happy

Wow! Our Dear Meiyun was so popular, everyone wanted to treat her drink

Look at her blur look. Ha Ha Ha

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