Sunday, November 4, 2007

Photo To Be Shared - 04 Nov 07

These photos were taken the previous time when we were performing.

龍女情 - 09 Dec 06

梁祝 - 26 Nov 06

This was the show which i enjoyed the most when i was acting as 家丁 and at the same time pressured to act as 四九

打金枝 - Nov 06

This show was acted at National Libray and they were 4 pairs of consorts and princess. This was considered a good experience for all of us as there were a lot of performers from China. Karen, XiuJuan, MeiYun, YanNi, MaiXia, MuLan and I were enjoying ourselves at the backstage on the last day of the performance when our leader was not with us.

First pair to act was LiFeng and JinMei - 10 Nov



Second pair was Karen and I - 11 Nov (Afternoon Show)



Third pair was XuWen and YanNi - 11 Nov (Night Show)



I was their palace maid

Fourth pair was MeiYun and XiuJuan - 12 Nov



HuiMei was their palace maid

八仙和皇母娘娘 - 19 July 05


9th July 05

6 Mar 05

白蛇和靑蛇 - 6 Mar 05

This photo was taken when i was acting in 玉堂春.

These 2 lovely kids are belonged to our friend Iris.

Axel and Alix


Anonymous said...

Haha...finally get to c all those pics taken last year..was wondering where they have gone to...thanks for posting..downloaded many pics...haha...


Sihui said...

Yn, I find your princess the make up is nice. The photo looks good on you

Anonymous said...

why u post my ugly pictures ah? shd tell me i send u nicer pics ma!xj

Anonymous said...

sh, princess make up for the drama centre one? the other princess make up (photo shooting at tampinese) cannot make it...


Sihui said...

Yn, i am referring to yr princess at the drama centre de. The make up suits you.

Xj, my friend said yr pictures are pretty

Anonymous said...

your friend so kind =)

I think i also want dig out old pics to post leh...xj