Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zhu Ji’s daughter Wedding Day - 20th Oct (Part 1)

Those who have read Mai Xia’s blog before, should have heard her mentioned that I have took the most photo during the wedding day. Yes, she was right; i was like a
photographer took photo with almost everybody from KH. I think those outsiders may think I was the hostess on that day. Hee Hee. I think everybody enjoyed themselves very much but if Xiu Juan and Karen were around, think it will be more enjoyable and more photo to see from Xj. Xj was unable to attend as she needs to go back to work and I heard that she has worked till 12.30 midnight on that day. So pitiful! As for K, she was unable to attend due to some personal reasons. Xj and K, I will put in as many photo as possible so that both of you can join in the happiness k.

Some photos to share:

The wedding groom and bride. This is the only photo that I find is the clearer as our table was too far from the stage. I like the bride’s gown, very beautiful.




Wonder where was Mai Xia at that time cos she was not in the photo

Hugging photo:

Act cute photo:

This is the photo which Yn was referring to

Group photo:

Happiness photo:

Evidence photo:

These two photos I am going to use them to bribe Shu Qing. Hee Hee

Other Photo:

Meiyun complained to Zi Liang that he was unfair as he was smiling when he took photo with me but with her he did not, so she asked him to retake the photo again and this time Ziliang really smile. Can see that Wmy was very satisfied this time cos she looks so happy in the 2nd photo.

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