Friday, April 17, 2009

Business trip - Hong Kong (08th - 14th March 09)

It has been quite sometimes that i have not updated my blog. So what have i been doing during these more than 1 month. I was sent to Hong Kong and Taiwan to do testing as my company has decided to bring over the business over there to do it in Singapore, so we have to go over to make sure everything is working fine so that the operation can be done smoothly in July.

My first stop was at Hong Kong, do not really have the chance to walk around as busy doing testing. After that i had to fly to Taiwan for 2 weeks. The hotel which i was staying is at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, the room was very comfortable and nice.

I was given 2 single beds even though i was the only occupant there

YaYa was there to keep me accompany

Hong Kong Prestige Office

P&G Prestige Products

Our Workplace

My Colleagues



Yoke Hing




The most popular man "Andy"

This is the first time i have seen such a big bottle of perfume

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